Bella Sky: The Restaurant, The Room, The Sky

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Bella Sky

Advertising Agency:Gottlieb & Co, Denmark
Director:Toke Blicher Møller
DoP:Jonas Berlin
Line Bundle:Sofie Theil Larsen
Executive Producer:Christian Juliussen
1 AC:Johan Hedelius
Lighting Technician:Malik Thomas and Joe McCrae
Actor:Marta Dolska
Boyfriend:Philip Stangebye
Girlfriends:Signe Sun Larsen and Malene Lydholm
Makeup:Yunah Rädecker
Hair and styling:Yunah Rädecker
Colorist:Kaj Ivanovic
Sounddesign:Kevin Koch
Production Assistants:Ida Nicoline Karnil Bernskov and Ann Kathrine Østergaard
Production Company:Require Happens

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